New Year blogger

Hi all, today I’m going to make one step preparation for new coming years 2011. Realize or not, we already reach end year of 2010. A lot of memory whether sweet or bitter memory it is still memory for 2010. We must try to accept it as God determination.

Normally, when end year visit us, we will make a ‘to do’ list for next year. We wants or dreams to achieve certain objective for New Year life. Recall back what we already achieve or not success list during past 2010.

For me, my ‘to do’ list for 2010 are:
i) To get hire before my graduation day
ii) To finish watching World Cup 2010 before start working (Spain champion!!! Yahoo!!)
iii) To finish my study at National University of Malaysia as Bachelor Mechanical Engineer

Can’t remember the rest of my list 😉 . The stated list is my major stupid ‘to do’ list for year of 2010. You know, I still remember the list was made up at my secondary school reunion at Pantai Pengkalan Balak, Melaka. It was very happening at that time, because it is first time we gather after finish our study secondary school.

Anyway, back to my number one list, now I already work as Process Engineer at Voice Coil Motor Assembly (VCMA) factory. My company is one of the VCMA suppliers for Seagate. As fresh graduate, for my opinion, my company is great place and suitable for me to learn to become a ‘real’ engineer. Why ‘real’ engineer??because when study at university, we are not really being teach hands-on application as engineer.

OK.Back again regarding preparation for next year war. Refer back to our ‘to do’ list and make a little analysis on the list, if our target is out of range maybe for next year we can make a new improvement with our archer. Maybe we can change our string or maybe we can use another type of material…perhaps….Don’t be regret if anything goes wrong, if we not fail, we are not learn anything..but don’t over fail, it will hard to make comeback if your heart is not robust enough.

Remember, we must move our ass away from our comfort zone in order to achieve something we might really want. We might need to make few sacrifice but make sure as in return it’s give good risks. Every decision we made have bad risks or good risks. Make sure we decide for good risks.


“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin”


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